How to clean your energy from negativity and get rid of failures and problems: 3 ways

Negative energy has a destructive effect on our biofield, which leads to personal problems, illnesses and turns life into a series of failures.

Three effective ways will help to get out of this state.

Today, there is a huge amount of information around us, most of which, unfortunately, is negative. A man like a sponge absorbs all the energy waves with which it interacts during the day.

Necessary to deal with negative energy impacts. This will help you to positive thinking and three effective ways to purify the biofield.

Filtering Information

Each person creates the world around him: our thoughts, words, actions and desires determine the future fate. The key to personal happiness and prosperity is a strong and healthy energy.

If it is positive, only positive events surround you. But if the aura is littered with negative, then a person is plagued by misfortune, suffering and danger.

In this world, everything is interconnected and nothing happens just like that. Some people are overtaken by karma, others want everything with their own hands.

But we are all the rulers of our own lives, and, as in any responsible business, in order to construct our destiny, it is necessary to follow order and certain rules.

Similar attracts like. All the information received is distributed in every cell of the body. In other words, any energy affects our DNA, modifying it on a physical level.

Hence the diseases that arise as if from nowhere, and a series of failures, and a miserable life. Did you know that expletive abuse affects our body like radioactive radiation? Math runs a program to self-destruct, even if we just hear it.

All the negative, received and seen by you, sooner or later will affect good luck and physical condition.

Therefore, it is important to filter information, get rid of communication with bad people, get as many positive emotions as possible. But in addition to the negative impact that you can draw from the world yourself, a person is subject to a bad influence from outside.

Evil eyes, damage and other magical actions are aimed at the destruction of your life by energy. Three effective and proven methods will help you to get rid of energy mud.

1 way: elimination of energy holes in the biofield

Place your hands with the back of your hand opposite each other. Imagine that between your palms is a clot of negative energy. Take a deep breath and feel the Divine energy filling you.

With the exhalation, the pure energy must come out through the hands and positively charge the entire collected negative. It is necessary to repeat the exercise several times.

This technique should be used every morning. With its help, you will not only cleanse yourself of the negative, but also strengthen the biofield.

Formed positive energy will help you to remove barriers and layers of negative impact. If you expect quick results, then at the beginning of your course you should make as much effort as possible and do this exercise several times a day.

2 way: we get rid of alien energy

If you feel discomfort in the body, you are pursued by obsessive thoughts and failures, as well as a noticeably negative impact, this method will help you.

Imagine a river full of fire and place yourself visually above it. You should mentally throw yourself into the firewater.

In this way, all your fears and negative energy will burn into a flame, and your phantom, like a phoenix, will rise from the ashes. Imagine that you are reborn and everything around you shines with white light. This is pure energy.

Now, in real time, you need to feel how the white energy is spreading through your body, starting at the feet. In the end, it should, like a cocoon, entangle you, creating a shield from the influence of others and sorrows.

3 way: energy cleaning at the cellular level

Close your eyes and imagine that you are at the moment on the sea, relaxing on the shore, you do not care, you are happy and calm. You feel the waves caress your feet. Look at yourself from the side. You should see dirty spots in places that cause physical or emotional pain.

Breathe in deeply and feel how cool sea water has poured over you. As you exhale, feel the water receding back, washing away some of the stains. Continue until the dirt is completely gone from your body. Usually, cleansing occurs after ten times.

These are just some of the practices for the purification of negative energy. Their impact proceeds at the mental level, which helps to be filled with positive energy, to release the negative and strengthen the biofield.


6 ways to instantly calm down

When stress becomes overwhelming – inside it twists everything in a knot, I can’t squeeze a sound out of myself or, on the contrary, I want to growl with rage, beat my fists against the wall – I leave everything I’m doing at the moment and mentally go to my inner summer cottage.

Here I do one or several exercises from the practice of mindfulness: “Breathe – calm, exhale, stress”, “Observation of the clouds”, “Wise Gendolf” and others. They help to stop, analyze their condition and move from the orbit of fear and rage to the orbit of calm and serenity.


Breathing is the most powerful and fast-acting protection against stress. Try this: while inhaling, imagine that calmness and serenity penetrate into every cell of the body. On the exhale, mentally draw a picture: fear, anxiety, despair, rage leave the body with the exhale and dissolve into the air.

You can say to yourself: “I breathe calm, I breathe out stress.” Repeat as you see fit. In fact, even one such conscious breathing in and out improves mental state.


Stress creates a feeling of haste, because of him it is difficult for us to decide what to take, what should be our next step. Get off this crazy carousel – find a quiet place where you can sit / walk a little, breathe deeply and quietly.

Now ask yourself: what do I need most now? Whatever answer you might have in your head, please accept it with gratitude: this question helps you realize that you can hear and distinguish your needs much better than you think, even in stress.

Another question helps me (he is advised by the psychotherapist Marion Woodman to ask himself more often): what do I feel now and how do I take care of myself? Remember, we become stronger when we take care of ourselves, we delight ourselves, we value ourselves.


Clouds are almost always near, you should raise your eyes. And at the same time, they are constantly changing – just like our thoughts. Observing the clouds, we can learn to look at our thoughts from the outside, analyze their nature.

Five minutes just look at the sky – note the shape of the clouds, what images / objects they remind you, notice the movement or change in their appearance.

Just as huge gray clouds first gather and then melt above our head, freeing a clear blue sky, or a rabbit-like cloud turns into a waffle cone with ice cream, the course of our thinking also changes: dark thoughts that have engulfed us at this moment are replaced by light. Give yourself time to calm down, do not act rashly.


Emotion that causes tremendous stress is powerlessness. The feeling that you are fighting, fighting, and the situation does not change for the better, and the forces are running out.

In the article about emotional burnout, I came across a vivid image and advice on this topic – doctors, firefighters, employees and volunteers of charitable foundations and people from other helping professions very often come across this state.

“One of the main causes of emotional burnout, according to the experience of psychologists, is a feeling of powerlessness … It’s like a wall that cannot be broken through or bypassed.

The way out is to see the perspective. We become helpless when we reach a dead end, which means that the wall is close, so you cannot see anything further.

You need to do something with it – step aside, or climb a mountain, or present it transparent, that is, see the distant result of your actions. Perhaps there, behind the wall, are meadows full of flowers. ” Great, right?


Spread the blanket and spend the whole day on the beach by the lake or the sea. Wander through the woods, climb mountain trails, jumping over streams, admiring the rocks of amazing outlines, flowers and herbs around. It should be at least a few hours to get out into nature, as we immediately gain a sense of solid ground under their feet, peace and tranquility.

Even if there is no opportunity to communicate with nature every day, you can stay in touch with it – and thus relieve stress.

Carry in your pocket an item that is associated with walking – a pink stone from the beach, an almond nut in the shell. Find a big beautiful sheet of fancy shape and put it in a book like a bookmark. A bag of lavender can be kept handy by the bed. Turn the seashell into a paperweight.

Then you will always have a saving reminder before your eyes – a huge beautiful world is very close, and the problem that I face now is not of universal dimensions, I can manage.


There is usually a voice in our head that challenges every step, every decision. As if this is not enough, relatives and friends are contributing – don’t walk, don’t fight, nothing will come of it, you’ll waste your nerves for nothing.

But we have another inner voice – a wise, experienced, knowing intuition. You can imagine the intuition in the image of the gray-haired Gandalf from “The Lord of the Rings” – he empathizes with us and always knows how to do better.

Facing a difficult dilemma, seek advice from the inner Gandalf. Ask yourself: if there was a risk of making the wrong choice, which solution seems to me the most correct and authentic? (Substitute your answer).


How pain changes people

There is no love without pain, as there is no pain and life. Pain is how we gain wisdom, strength, how we become thick-skinned. But somewhere between pain and wisdom, we change – because no one comes out of the pain by the same person as he was before.

We continue to love. But we are becoming more cautious, not so accessible, not so gullible, not so innocent, not so pure and hopeless romantics as they once were. We are careful, we are afraid, we do not want to hear a refusal, we don’t want to be disappointed, we don’t want to repeat our mistakes.

We break hearts to save our own, and we can live for many years, without telling someone about our feelings, because we know that they are not reciprocal.

We love, but we no longer love with all our hearts, we love bit by bit, we love when we are sure of someone’s feelings, and we love when time is on our side, we love only if it is safe.

We continue to hope. But we are also afraid; we think about what could go wrong, how good it would be if everything went wrong, because it’s easier to cope with a bad outcome when you expect it. We live, but we do not give ourselves completely to happiness, we do not believe that the good can last for a long time, we think that life will definitely take it.

We do not give life a chance to surprise us, because we do not want to be disappointed again, because we disappoint ourselves. We are trying to predict that life will overshadow us, so that when this happens, we would not be so upset.

We continue to dream. But we don’t dream too much, don’t try to catch up with the dream, because we don’t want to lose it again, don’t want to fail, we don’t want to feel that we are not worth anything. We want to prove that we are good enough, that we can rely on ourselves, that we are responsible adults, because we dream within our reach, we dream about what we can achieve.

We do not believe in miracles. We dream, but do not follow the dream, we do not believe that it will come true, we do not consider ourselves worthy of such happiness, because we are used to pain.

We have stopped believing in miracles since our dreams have become nightmares.

Pain changes people, usually for the better, but when people suffer, they try to do everything to avoid it, they don’t want their heart to go through it again, they don’t want to cry again and feel weak.

But when we try to avoid pain, sometimes we avoid pleasure. When we try to avoid pain, we avoid a risk that can change our lives. When we try to avoid pain, we avoid loving and being loved.

Sometimes I would like the pain not to change us, so that we can continue to love, live, hope and dream, as before. To be able to believe in happiness and miracles, as before.

Sometimes I wish we could change the pain, and not she us, so that we could find a way to be ourselves again, the people we were before we broke our hearts


7 ways to protect your aura

It is time to talk about Aura. We will understand how to properly protect against external stimuli and negative energy emanating from other people.

Aura is our force field, which is associated with the signals sent by the universe. It can read information about the past, present and future. YOU can easily determine what kind of Aura protects you by following certain instructions.

Is Aura important?

Of course! It is so important that you can compare ignoring the correct defense with a crime. But what is so important about it?

Our aura has very sensitive information about who we really are.

It contains coded information about our past, present, and future.

Our aura can vibrate in different rhythms, corresponding to the current emotions. Moreover, a strong aura can help us achieve some success in magic.

Aura is a way to communicate with our environment. Therefore, when it is cleansed and strong, we can benefit from healing sessions and the magic of nature.

Similarly, when our aura is strong, it can prevent attacks from the outside. Therefore, it can save us from physical and emotional illness. But do not forget to listen not only to the inner voice, but also to the advice of doctors!

How to protect and preserve your aura

Below we will list 7 ancient ways that will help you achieve a better balance and protect your aura. Of course, for maximum efficiency, you can practice everything at once, but not all beginners will master a number of instructions. So, let’s begin!

1. Putting Incense

You can coat yourself with consecrated incense, which increases the protection of your aura and can protect it from further harm coming from outside.

Blasting is an ancient technique of purifying your aura, which uses the smoke of blessed plants, herbs and tar. However, other herbs that are not mentioned in certain manuals can be used. For example, you can use incense smoke, which is able to raise the strength of the spirit

Of course, you can use different blends of herbs that also effectively raise aura protection.

In addition, you can use more complex mixtures that are available to skilled people. One of them is called “Phoenix” or “Phoenix.” It consists of a mixture of myrrh, backgammon and cinnamon, which perfectly complement each other and cause the powers of the Phoenix itself!

2. Wearing black

When you are exposed to an external energy attack, you must wear black clothes. Black color provides the necessary protection. The effect of such a fabric can be compared with an invisible surface, which saves you from unkind glances and negative energy.

However, you should not wear black for a long time, as this color protects not only from negative energy, but also from positive. That is why you need to wear such clothes on time, when you are confident in the upcoming attack. After wearing you need to wear those things that best suit you in color.

3. Crystal Magic

Carry black tourmaline with you, which can help you protect yourself from mental attacks. This talisman is quite accessible for everyone, and you can wear it in combination with any clothes.

Moreover, you should have black obsidian with you. It is this stone that can help you strengthen your energy and dispel the negative that surrounds you.

4. “Grounding”

This simple technique can work wonders while our aura is under attack. “Grounding”, in fact, personifies unity with Mother Earth. And of course, that no one can overcome all its power.

“Grounding” will help you to counteract powerful external attacks and to protect yourself from mental attacks. Moreover, it allows you to direct the healing energy of Nature to yourself. This is really important when you have already received certain damage.

5. Small charcoal

Charcoal can help you tune in to the same level with our Mother Earth. As it is written in the article on “Magic Defense”: “A small piece of coal in your pocket (wrapped in a paper towel, so as not to get dirty) can protect you from evil eye, curses, evil spirits and mental attacks.

Put three pieces under the bed on a white plate to protect yourself while you sleep. After each use, wash them under cold running water. It is accessible to everyone and can effectively protect you from external threats.

6. Sacred water

It is the most affordable and one of the most powerful magic tools. Making holy water with your own hands is very simple. But you can not bother and go to the nearest church to collect it where you feel comfortable. Holy water dispels the negative, purifies the aura and fills our spirit.

7. Eye of Horus

One of the most powerful and ancient symbols, the eyes of Horus or Ra God, is in fact the main tool against any dark magic.

This deity is the personification of the victory of the forces of Good against all essential evil. The Eye of Horus is considered one of the most powerful talismans against dark energy. It is believed that with its help you can strengthen your spiritual consciousness and tune in the same way with the Divine Source.

You can charge your Eye of Horus by providing the best magical protection. This will help you better protect your aura.


10 things that a mature woman will never do for a man

This does not mean that we do not need anyone. We have become successful, selfish, self-sufficient singles. Not. We, just like at 20, want love, want warmth, want relationship. We just understand that in a healthy relationship, all this is mutual.

A man either wants all the same, or does not linger in our life. As Omar Khayyam used to say, “I don’t need someone who doesn’t need me.”

Therefore, I am more:

1. I do not expect male calls or messages. I either write myself, or delete contacts of those who do not find time for a short answer “I’m sorry, today I’m busy, I’ll dial as I’ll free myself”.

2. I do not go on dates if their place and time are inconvenient for me. For a meeting to be a joy, it must be comfortable for both. If a man is not interested in time, nor in the desire or comfort of a woman, it means that he is generally not interested in a woman. And I don’t need such a man.

3. I do not forgive the lack of gifts for my birthday and other important holidays to me.

I like men who like to spend money on the woman they like, that is, on me. Financially stingy people are usually stingy in everything else.

Inattention to dates that are important to a person is inattention to a person as a whole. Those in love with us, I want to indulge and delight. Everything that matters to him becomes important to us. If it doesn’t matter, or it’s pitiful, or forgot, you can forget my number too;

4. Not looking for excuses for male indisposition and unsuccessfulness. This does not mean that all I need from a man is money. But “with a lovely paradise and in a hut” is definitely not a story from the life of a mature woman. We left our huts at the age of 20 and at the age of 30, at 40 we already have a comfortable life of our own and no excuses;

5. I am not silent about what I do not like. Of course, I can not stand a man’s brain endless quibbles. But there are things that the other person does not realize, simply because he is different.

If I don’t like a lot of speed, it scares me, then I don’t keep quiet or do not admiringly groan if a man accelerates to 120 km / h. I also do not annoy me to say “where you are dispersed as you drive,” I calmly say, “don’t drive, please, I’m nervous and I’m scared.”

6. Not afraid to ask any questions. It is also ready to answer itself. In our youth we are afraid to clarify the incomprehensible, because we do not want to frighten, strain or injure a man. But it is precisely this lack of clarity that later creates our own wounds. I don’t want to get hurt anymore, so I figure it out.

7. I do not iron men’s shirts. I do not like to iron. Me and my shirts stroking. I no longer do anything for a man to burden myself. If he loves me, he will stroke his shirt himself.

8. I do not accept seks for love. Sect may or may not be associated with love.

Love for me is to stroke my shirt, shut up with me in the morning, because in the morning I don’t like to talk, remember my cat’s name and how many spoons of sugar I put in my coffee, bring a bunch of freshly cut, wet peonies from rain in May, come and repair it silently current tap. If all this is not there, and there is only seks – then we just fuck.

9. No jealous man to friends or work.

Or to children from past relationships. If a man loves me, he finds time for me. Includes me in his busy schedule of meetings, travel, football with friends or fishing with her son. Because I also live a dense, rich life.

If we both find time for each other, then everything is ok, we have a relationship. If only I find time for relationships, and the man is busy all the time, then for the relationship I need to look for someone else.

10. I do not try to look better for a man.

On the contrary, when meeting I can be even worse, rougher, more cynical, more rectilinear. Feel free to talk about your problems or difficulties. Anyone who needs to always look deeper and farther away. The one who does not – will pass by.

I am almost 42 years old. And I am bamboo. Straight, strong, flexible, unpretentious. It is hard for me to break, twist or uproot. I hardened. But I still want to love. Just not ready to make sacrifices for this. Love is creation, not sacrifice and destruction. Let’s create.


Nine things worth doing before 9 am

This article compiles a list of morning classes that will set a good tone for the whole following day.

Marcus Aurelius once said: “When you wake up in the morning, think about the fact that you again received the precious privilege of being alive — breathing, thinking, enjoying and loving.”

This article compiles a list of morning classes that will set a good tone for the whole following day.


Even the simplest prayer will help you begin your day with a sense of calm. Instead of reaching for your phone and checking your morning mail, take a couple of minutes just to sit in silence and read a prayer, fill your soul.

During the day, we undertake a lot of big and laborious tasks – allow yourself to start on a quiet wave. On top of that, prayer will help you tune in, you will become more focused and feel a surge of strength.

Thank yourself.

Start your day with thanks for what you have. This practice will teach you a very important skill – to be grateful to yourself for small successes in the next 24 hours. It will make you more resistant to the problems that arise in a day.

“If the only prayer in your life is the word” thank you, “then that will be enough.” Maester Eckhart.

To figure out what to do today.

The sooner your daily plan is drawn up, the more efficiently and productively you will spend your time. Once you do this, leave time in the schedule to solve problems as they occur.

Drink a glass of water.

Your body is awakened by dehydration, so it is very important to drink some water first. In her book, The Body Ecology Diet, nutritionist Donna Gates suggests that people drink half of their daily water in the morning. This will cleanse the body of toxins, reduce hunger and the risk of headaches during the day.

Do the stretching.

It is difficult to find a person who wakes up with ease in muscles and bones. And it’s not so easy to train yourself to do exercises. However, studies show that morning stretching can increase your flexibility, improve blood circulation and reduce the accumulated stress. Plus you will improve your posture.

Listen to the music.

Starting your day with listening to music, you will get a lot of fun, lift your spirits and recharge yourself with positive energy for the next day.

As the study shows, music can increase overall motivation and performance. So please yourself!


Start your day with a smile in front of a mirror in the bathroom. It has a positive effect on your general condition and mood, even when you are not at all happy. Smile has surrounding people to trust, besides, remember – successful people are always positive.

Clean up after a night out.

Our life is in full swing, so you can sometimes forget about little things in the morning. Sometimes we scatter clothes around the house, leave the dishes in the sink and do not remove trash. All this can accumulate day after day, but eventually will grow into elementary laziness.

But imagine how great it is when you come home and everything is cleaned and clean. You can just relax and unwind.

Do the hardest work first.

In fact, it may seem that it would be best to do a lot of small things in the morning, but if you first solve the most difficult task, then all the rest will be solved even faster and better. On top of that, this is a great way to fight procrastination for those who are used to postpone


″ Poison in your head ″. Parable about how not to create problems for yourself

In ancient China, a girl who was married, lived in the house of her husband, and served him and his mother.

It so happened that one girl after the wedding had to constantly listen to the unfair reproaches of her mother-in-law. One day she was in despair, and she decided to get rid of her. The girl went to the herbalist, who was a friend of her father. She complained to him:

“I can no longer live with my mother-in-law.” She’s driving me crazy. could you help me? I will pay well.

– What can I do for you? – asked herbalist.

– Sell me poison. “I will poison my mother-in-law and all my problems will disappear,” she answered.

After much deliberation, the herbalist said:

– Ok, I’ll help you. But you have to understand two things. First, you cannot poison the mother-in-law at once, because people will guess what happened. I will give you herbs that will gradually kill her, and no one will understand that she was poisoned.

Secondly, to completely avoid any suspicion, you must tame your anger, learn to respect it, love it, listen and be patient. Then no one will suspect you when she dies.

The girl agreed to everything, took the herbs and began to gradually add them to her mother-in-law’s food. In addition, she tried to control herself, listen to her mother-in-law and respect her. When she saw how the daughter-in-law’s attitude to her changed, she loved the girl with all her heart.

She told everyone that her daughter-in-law was the best, one that we could only dream of. Six months later, the relationship between them became close, as between a blood mother and daughter. Then one day the girl came to the herbalist and prayed:

“For God’s sake, please save my mother-in-law from the poison I gave her.” I do not want to kill her. She has become the most beautiful mother-in-law, and I love her.

Travnik smiled and answered:

– Do not worry, I did not give you any poison. These were ordinary spices. The poison was only in your head, and you yourself got rid of him.

We are what we think. Remember this!


Fulfillment of desires by the power of thought

A very specific method for fulfilling your desire with the help of a light trance, but if you master it, you can achieve anything. In general, the method of fulfilling a wish by force of thought is also used here.

So, trance is such a state of consciousness, when you seem to look inside yourself and find answers to all your questions. After all, the subconscious knows everything. Ask him a question or make a definite wish of yours, and it will tell you how to accomplish it.

To enter a light trance, you need to completely relax your body (which is quite difficult, you need to train), let go of all your thoughts and not think about anything.

The body will start to grow heavy and numb, the sounds will become muffled, and it’s as if you are plunging into some depth. When all this happens, you can make a wish (to pronounce it to yourself, clearly and vividly visualizing what you want to receive).

There are several rules for the fulfillment of desire by the power of thought:

1. You must be 100% sure that the wish will come true.

2. You must be clear about your desire, and not just to pronounce it. You must have a mental picture of the desired.

3. No need to think about how it will come true and when, do not think about what will happen when it is fulfilled. For example, if you make a lot of money, you don’t have to figure out where they will come from, or what you will spend it on.

4. To evoke emotions in you, what happens to you if the wish comes true, i.e. as if it had already happened (joy, happiness, fun).

5. Then it is necessary to imagine that you are big, and your desire is negligible compared to you, i.e. You must realize that although it is dear to you, for you it does not matter so much. You can not get hung up on your desire, you must indifferently treat him: come true – well, no – so no.

6. To remove persistent doubts about the fulfillment of your desire, you must forget and not think about it. Imagine that it is so small turned into a balloon and flew far into the sky.

At this point, you gave the installation to your subconscious that you want. Information is recorded, now it only remains to wait and DO NOT THINK about your wish, just forget it! Unnecessary worries and experiences interfere with the fulfillment of desire.

And here are some more important tenets that need to be adhered to in order for your wish to be fulfilled by the power of thought:

1. Never worry about what will happen tomorrow.

2. Do not dwell on what you do not have. Your desire should not be a need, you just have to desire it. If you think that without this you can not live, then your desire will move further away from you.

3. All difficulties on the way to your goal overcome first in your thoughts. For example, if you have important negotiations, talk with your opponent mentally, convince him that you are right, and then do it in reality.

4. If you are really unlucky, do not realize this, you are lucky always and in everything, despite the circumstances – only such an installation must be present in all situations.

5. Everyone is equal in this world, do not belittle yourself, comparing with others. Never be jealous!

6. Do what you have to do and let it be as it should be.


7 proven ancient methods for getting rid of negative energy in the house

Although energy is not visible to the human eye, it can certainly be felt. Think of situations when you entered the apartment or house and felt uncomfortable.

Or you met a man and immediately perceived his negative vibrations. If you recently moved to a new home and noticed that you are constantly losing or breaking things, as well as all sorts of accidents have become frequent, then it is likely that negative energy is boiling in the room.

It will not only make it impossible for you to lead a full life, but it can also affect your physical health. However, you are quite able to resist it. How? – you ask.

1. Home plants

Plants purify the air – this fact is probably known to you. Having them in your house is a good solution, as they are able to remove all the negative and raise the general mood of all those living in the house.

2. Salt

Sea salt is an important component of Feng Shui rituals for eliminating negative energy and harmonizing the flow of qi energy inside a house.

Sea salt can be used alone or with water and placed in different parts of the room. Add a few tablespoons of sea salt to a bucket of water and wash the floors.

Alternatively, place a bowl of sea salt in the corners of the house in the southwestern and northeastern directions. Change the salt every two months.

3. Fumigation

This practice has been used for thousands of years by people of different cultures. To do this, you just need to burn in the room dry sage or wormwood, rotating the burning grass counterclockwise.

4. Essential Oils

Essential oils are an ideal way to cleanse your home of bad energies. Some of the most effective and efficient ones are lavender, patchouli, and incense.

5. Do not allow disorder

When you have a lot of unnecessary things in your house, and everything lies chaotically and out of place, this causes an accumulation of negative energy. Constant cleaning and keeping the room clean will help you get rid of such clots of negativity.

6. Meditation

Meditation once or twice a day gives powerful positive vibrations. Being in a meditative state of mind enhances good energy that fills the entire space.

7. Furniture

rearrangement A simple rearrangement facilitates the free flow of energy and eliminates negative vibrations. Allocate one day for this action and consider what you would like to completely change in your rooms.


New life: where to start, if you decide to start?

Sometimes it happens that our life does not suit us. This happens for various reasons. At this moment we are faced with a choice, leave everything as it is, or change.

Any choice is the best for a person. But if you decide to change and change your life, then seven steps are described below that will help you create a new life as easily as possible and in a short time.

1. We part with the past and do not look back

The first thing to do is to forget the past and the negative experience. Forgive, first of all, yourself for your mistakes. Forgive those who brought trouble. Stop looking back and think about it.

Of course, it will take time. I will share one secret. Write what you would like to leave on a piece of paper and burn it.

The past does not change. Therefore, to regret it or that it is not done is devoid of any meaning. The only thing that can be done is to learn the lessons and not make repeated mistakes.

Analyze the past, learn useful lessons for yourself, and identify your strengths and weaknesses. This will be needed in the future.

The past is too heavy to carry around with you. Sometimes it is worth forgetting about him. At least for the sake of the future.

Joan Kathleen Rowling

2. Clear space

Of course, you have to change a lot inside and out. The easiest thing is outside. Therefore, spend a general cleaning. Get rid of unnecessary things (what you have not used for over a year), clothes, furniture, clean your computer and phone from obsolete and unnecessary files, and so on. Where there is a need, make repairs.

Get rid boldly, with the belief that there will soon be new, useful and necessary things.

3. Increase your life energy.

On the path of change you will need a lot of strength and energy. So look at your life, where does the energy go, and how can you replenish it?

Close unfinished business. Say “no” to the TV, games and a waste of time in social networks. Get rid of bad habits. Analyze those with whom you communicate, who takes your strength, and who inspires you? What information do you listen to, creative or not?

In order to increase your vital energy, go in for sports, which is pleasant, preferably, group. Change your diet and daily routine.

4. Learn to enjoy every moment.

According to the research of scientists, a person spends much time regretting the past or dreams of the future. Thus, he misses the present and does not feel what is happening to him now. It is important to learn to enjoy every moment of your life, to be here and now. Only in this way will you truly experience the taste of life and begin to enjoy it.

For example, a driver who eats a chocolate bar on the move does not feel full of taste. After a while, he realizes that he ate something sweet, but did not notice how.

The past and the future constrain us on both sides so much that there is absolutely no room for the present.

Evelyn Waugh

5. Create a new image of yourself

Once you have worked with the past and the present, take hold of the future. Dream about who you want to be. What would you like to have in your new life? What skills and habits will you need for this? Write it all down on paper.

To make your development consistent, make a plan for yourself and begin its implementation. Such a plan can be printed or drawn by yourself and fixed in a prominent place. Or make a maid card or dream magazine.

6. New habits, skills and knowledge

Changing your life, you have to act in new ways. And for this you will need new habits, skills and knowledge. Get good habits that will help you achieve your goals.

Take care of your appearance, go to the gym or pool. I personally recommend the Argentine Tango.

Pay special attention to the spiritual realm. This is an important part of human life.

For the wise every day is a miracle.

7. Environment

Proper environment is the key to success. Whether you like it or not, the environment influences you greatly. Starting a new life, start to form your own environment. Take it in your hands and be active. Look for such people and increase your circle of acquaintances. Attend events and meetings where you can meet them. If you do not affect your environment, then your environment affects you.

Starting a new life, you will do much of what previously seemed impossible to you. Tune in a long way. Periodically analyze what you are doing and how it relates to your goals. Do you move to that side or not? Celebrate your victories and achievements, get a diary and write in it about the most secret.


According to Buddhism, these 7 things can not be told – to anyone and never

Religion, based on the teachings of the Buddha, helped many people to achieve true happiness and harmony, writes Perfecto. In Buddhism, you can find answers to various questions.

Today we will talk about the need to monitor their language. This is required by the rules of Buddhism.

1. Do not repeat what you heard.

If it is negative. It can be bad news, rumors, words that you have heard.

Do not reproduce this negative energy.

2. Do not share your spiritual achievements.

This highest wisdom, spiritual harmony and energy belong only to you. The only time you can share this wealth with someone is when someone really needs a spiritual mentor.

3. Do not spread about your shortcomings.

No need to complain to someone about their own shortcomings and downplay themselves.

Thus, you only show your weakness, lower self-esteem and reduce spiritual strength.

4. Do not spread about your relationship.

About any relationship – friendly, love or work. Otherwise they will weaken with time. Keep your mouth shut – then the relationship will remain strong and stable.

5. Do not talk about your future plans.

No need to cause excess envy in others, because this feeling has a powerful energy that can affect the outcome of your case.

In order not to spoil your plans, just do not tell anyone about them.

6. Do not brag about your achievements.

Do not become an egoist, do not dwell too much on your own successes, do not gloat and do not belittle others amid personal victories. Also, do not expect rejection for your kindness.

7. Do not brag about your good deeds.

Let the realization that you did right or good warms only your soul. This does not necessarily know others.

Do you agree with this approach? Leave a comment below. And share this valuable information with your friends!


7 rules of psychology that you should know

1. Mirror rule.

The people around me are my mirrors. They reflect the characteristics of my own personality, often unaware of me.

For example, if someone is rude to me, then I want it so much, I allow it. If someone deceives me again and again, then I have a tendency to believe anyone. So there is no one to be offended.

2. The Rule of Choice.

I realize that everything that happens in my life is the result of my own choice. And if today I communicate with a boring person, does it mean that I am also a boring and boring person? There are no bad and evil people – there are unhappy ones. If I tackle their problems, then I like it.

So, no one to make a complaint. I myself cause all that happens to me. The authors and creators of their own destiny are ourselves.

3. The Rule of Error.

I agree with the fact that I can be wrong. It’s not always my opinion or my actions that other people should consider to be correct.

The real world is not only black and white, there is also light gray and dark white. I am not IDEAL, I am just a good person and I have the right to make a mistake. The main thing is to be able to recognize it and fix it in time.

4. Compliance Rule.

I have exactly that and exactly so much what I fit for, what I deserve, no more, no less, whether it concerns relationships with people, work or money.

If I cannot love a person to the fullest, it is ridiculous to demand that this person SO love me. So all my claims are meaningless. And at the same time, when I decide to change – the people around me change (for the better).

5. Dependency rule.

Nobody owes me anything. I can selflessly help everyone I can. And this is a joy to me. To become good, you must become strong. To become strong, you have to believe that I can do everything. And I believe! But we must be able to say “NO!”

6. The Rule of Presence.

I live here and now. There is no past, because the next second comes the present. There is no future because it is not there yet. Attachment to the past leads to depression, anxiety about the future causes anxiety. As long as I live in the present, I AM REAL. There is reason to rejoice.

7. The rule of optimism.

As we scold life, it passes by. The eyes see, the legs walk, the ears hear, the heart works, the Soul rejoices.

My fitness – sunny summer, meadow and river. As long as I move, while the wind blows the skin – I live. When I watch TV, lying on the couch, or communicate with friends in the internet – I’m not in this, but in the other world.