6 ways to instantly calm down

When stress becomes overwhelming – inside it twists everything in a knot, I can’t squeeze a sound out of myself or, on the contrary, I want to growl with rage, beat my fists against the wall – I leave everything I’m doing at the moment and mentally go to my inner summer cottage.

Here I do one or several exercises from the practice of mindfulness: “Breathe – calm, exhale, stress”, “Observation of the clouds”, “Wise Gendolf” and others. They help to stop, analyze their condition and move from the orbit of fear and rage to the orbit of calm and serenity.


Breathing is the most powerful and fast-acting protection against stress. Try this: while inhaling, imagine that calmness and serenity penetrate into every cell of the body. On the exhale, mentally draw a picture: fear, anxiety, despair, rage leave the body with the exhale and dissolve into the air.

You can say to yourself: “I breathe calm, I breathe out stress.” Repeat as you see fit. In fact, even one such conscious breathing in and out improves mental state.


Stress creates a feeling of haste, because of him it is difficult for us to decide what to take, what should be our next step. Get off this crazy carousel – find a quiet place where you can sit / walk a little, breathe deeply and quietly.

Now ask yourself: what do I need most now? Whatever answer you might have in your head, please accept it with gratitude: this question helps you realize that you can hear and distinguish your needs much better than you think, even in stress.

Another question helps me (he is advised by the psychotherapist Marion Woodman to ask himself more often): what do I feel now and how do I take care of myself? Remember, we become stronger when we take care of ourselves, we delight ourselves, we value ourselves.


Clouds are almost always near, you should raise your eyes. And at the same time, they are constantly changing – just like our thoughts. Observing the clouds, we can learn to look at our thoughts from the outside, analyze their nature.

Five minutes just look at the sky – note the shape of the clouds, what images / objects they remind you, notice the movement or change in their appearance.

Just as huge gray clouds first gather and then melt above our head, freeing a clear blue sky, or a rabbit-like cloud turns into a waffle cone with ice cream, the course of our thinking also changes: dark thoughts that have engulfed us at this moment are replaced by light. Give yourself time to calm down, do not act rashly.


Emotion that causes tremendous stress is powerlessness. The feeling that you are fighting, fighting, and the situation does not change for the better, and the forces are running out.

In the article about emotional burnout, I came across a vivid image and advice on this topic – doctors, firefighters, employees and volunteers of charitable foundations and people from other helping professions very often come across this state.

“One of the main causes of emotional burnout, according to the experience of psychologists, is a feeling of powerlessness … It’s like a wall that cannot be broken through or bypassed.

The way out is to see the perspective. We become helpless when we reach a dead end, which means that the wall is close, so you cannot see anything further.

You need to do something with it – step aside, or climb a mountain, or present it transparent, that is, see the distant result of your actions. Perhaps there, behind the wall, are meadows full of flowers. ” Great, right?


Spread the blanket and spend the whole day on the beach by the lake or the sea. Wander through the woods, climb mountain trails, jumping over streams, admiring the rocks of amazing outlines, flowers and herbs around. It should be at least a few hours to get out into nature, as we immediately gain a sense of solid ground under their feet, peace and tranquility.

Even if there is no opportunity to communicate with nature every day, you can stay in touch with it – and thus relieve stress.

Carry in your pocket an item that is associated with walking – a pink stone from the beach, an almond nut in the shell. Find a big beautiful sheet of fancy shape and put it in a book like a bookmark. A bag of lavender can be kept handy by the bed. Turn the seashell into a paperweight.

Then you will always have a saving reminder before your eyes – a huge beautiful world is very close, and the problem that I face now is not of universal dimensions, I can manage.


There is usually a voice in our head that challenges every step, every decision. As if this is not enough, relatives and friends are contributing – don’t walk, don’t fight, nothing will come of it, you’ll waste your nerves for nothing.

But we have another inner voice – a wise, experienced, knowing intuition. You can imagine the intuition in the image of the gray-haired Gandalf from “The Lord of the Rings” – he empathizes with us and always knows how to do better.

Facing a difficult dilemma, seek advice from the inner Gandalf. Ask yourself: if there was a risk of making the wrong choice, which solution seems to me the most correct and authentic? (Substitute your answer).

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