How to clean your energy from negativity and get rid of failures and problems: 3 ways

Negative energy has a destructive effect on our biofield, which leads to personal problems, illnesses and turns life into a series of failures.

Three effective ways will help to get out of this state.

Today, there is a huge amount of information around us, most of which, unfortunately, is negative. A man like a sponge absorbs all the energy waves with which it interacts during the day.

Necessary to deal with negative energy impacts. This will help you to positive thinking and three effective ways to purify the biofield.

Filtering Information

Each person creates the world around him: our thoughts, words, actions and desires determine the future fate. The key to personal happiness and prosperity is a strong and healthy energy.

If it is positive, only positive events surround you. But if the aura is littered with negative, then a person is plagued by misfortune, suffering and danger.

In this world, everything is interconnected and nothing happens just like that. Some people are overtaken by karma, others want everything with their own hands.

But we are all the rulers of our own lives, and, as in any responsible business, in order to construct our destiny, it is necessary to follow order and certain rules.

Similar attracts like. All the information received is distributed in every cell of the body. In other words, any energy affects our DNA, modifying it on a physical level.

Hence the diseases that arise as if from nowhere, and a series of failures, and a miserable life. Did you know that expletive abuse affects our body like radioactive radiation? Math runs a program to self-destruct, even if we just hear it.

All the negative, received and seen by you, sooner or later will affect good luck and physical condition.

Therefore, it is important to filter information, get rid of communication with bad people, get as many positive emotions as possible. But in addition to the negative impact that you can draw from the world yourself, a person is subject to a bad influence from outside.

Evil eyes, damage and other magical actions are aimed at the destruction of your life by energy. Three effective and proven methods will help you to get rid of energy mud.

1 way: elimination of energy holes in the biofield

Place your hands with the back of your hand opposite each other. Imagine that between your palms is a clot of negative energy. Take a deep breath and feel the Divine energy filling you.

With the exhalation, the pure energy must come out through the hands and positively charge the entire collected negative. It is necessary to repeat the exercise several times.

This technique should be used every morning. With its help, you will not only cleanse yourself of the negative, but also strengthen the biofield.

Formed positive energy will help you to remove barriers and layers of negative impact. If you expect quick results, then at the beginning of your course you should make as much effort as possible and do this exercise several times a day.

2 way: we get rid of alien energy

If you feel discomfort in the body, you are pursued by obsessive thoughts and failures, as well as a noticeably negative impact, this method will help you.

Imagine a river full of fire and place yourself visually above it. You should mentally throw yourself into the firewater.

In this way, all your fears and negative energy will burn into a flame, and your phantom, like a phoenix, will rise from the ashes. Imagine that you are reborn and everything around you shines with white light. This is pure energy.

Now, in real time, you need to feel how the white energy is spreading through your body, starting at the feet. In the end, it should, like a cocoon, entangle you, creating a shield from the influence of others and sorrows.

3 way: energy cleaning at the cellular level

Close your eyes and imagine that you are at the moment on the sea, relaxing on the shore, you do not care, you are happy and calm. You feel the waves caress your feet. Look at yourself from the side. You should see dirty spots in places that cause physical or emotional pain.

Breathe in deeply and feel how cool sea water has poured over you. As you exhale, feel the water receding back, washing away some of the stains. Continue until the dirt is completely gone from your body. Usually, cleansing occurs after ten times.

These are just some of the practices for the purification of negative energy. Their impact proceeds at the mental level, which helps to be filled with positive energy, to release the negative and strengthen the biofield.

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