8 space reasons why the universe puts us together with new people

Do you think there are random encounters in our lives? No, no and no! There are many reasons why the universe drives us to all kinds of people!

During their life, every person meets a great many new people. Some of them stay with us for a short time, some only part of the way, and very few walk our life path with us to the very end.

And although we sometimes do not understand why someone is moving away from us, although we really want them to stay, the lessons they taught us remain with us for many, many years.

Sometimes our life is filled with light and sense by a wonderful person who appeared in it exactly when it was necessary, and sometimes fate gives you such a toxic partner or colleague that you think you are almost ready to kill them on the spot, but after you understand that if it were not for them, you would never become who you are now.

Below you will find several reasons why people may appear in our lives, whether we like it or not. I hope this article will help you better understand how we relate to other people, and where the endless life flow carries us. And remember, if you do not see the reason for anything, this does not mean that it does not exist.

So, here are 8 reasons why the Universe sends us all kinds of people:

1. To awaken us from within

There are people who make us doubt and ask questions. Sometimes they become a permanent part of our life, sometimes they remain in it very, very briefly, but in both cases they help us to find another part of ourselves. We do not need to love such people, but we cannot do without them.

2. To warm our hearts

Such people appear in our lives when we feel like an extinct candle, and it seems to us that we don’t care about anything.

They do not let sadness fall upon us with all its weight, and they do for us, it would seem, the little things that help us, gritting our teeth, to go further, no matter what. For the most part, such people fly through our lives at the speed of a meteorite, and we never hear of them again, but our memories of them are warm, and we remember them for a very long time.

3. To be near us

These are the very people who become a part of our life – forever. They remain with us, despite all the hardships that confront us in our life’s journey. These are our friends, relatives and loved ones. These are those who are always ready to catch us if we fall.

4. To teach us a lesson

These are the people from whom we can learn something. Sometimes their lessons are too hard, and sometimes the „teachers” themselves are extremely far from ideal.

But no matter how your relationship with these people develops, remember one thing – if the Universe is trying to teach you something, it does it for a reason, and only bastards can teach some lessons.

5. To help us grow above ourselves

These are the ones who help us overcome the blackest parts of our lives. They stay with us when we break our hearts, or lose our loved ones.

Sometimes they stay with us forever, and sometimes imperceptibly disappear, but enough so that we learn to see the light in darkness. It all depends on how big a role they have to play in our lives.

6. To remind us of something

These people by their very presence remind us of something that we would not have remembered without them. They remind us that we are not alone, that this world is our common home, and there will always be those who are ready to lend us a hand when we need it.

And sometimes, when we are almost ready to give up, these strangers help us to get together and get back on our feet, reminding us that our life is not as hard as we think.

7. To show us what and whom we deserve, or do not deserve

These people are somewhat similar to those who help us grow, or rather, they are similar and not. They can be the most wonderful and the most terrible people in our life – depending on the circumstances.

It depends on these people whom you will let into your lives, and whom you will drive away from them. For example, when confronted with someone whom we really do not deserve in our life, no matter how much we sinned, we draw conclusions, and do not allow such toxic people to come near us. Unfortunately, we do not always draw the proper conclusions on our first try.

8. To learn something from us

These are the people for whom we should already become mentors and teachers. And who knows, maybe communicating with them, you will teach not only them something, but also yourself.

They say that for this we need students to have someone to learn from, and from time to time the Universe sends us people for whom it is extremely important to hear what only we can tell them.

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