The magic of green eyes. People with such eyes combine two energies

According to popular signs, the most fatal are green eyes. The meaning of this color is characterized by the equal blend of two shades: yellow and blue.

People with such eyes combine two energies: the donor and the vampire. That is why the green eye owners are endowed with resistance, aggression, stubbornness, hardness, tenacity, stability and adherence to principles. They aim at a concrete purpose, and they stubbornly go to him, overcoming all the hardships.

People with green eyes enjoy authority in their circle. They are also great organizers. Green eyes often meet those who, despite their popularity, do not want to be leaders but want to remain respected.

Everything they do, they do it professionally. When making a decision, I carefully weigh the situation, and in difficult times I know how to find a way out of the situation. People with green eyes look realistically in life.

Nobody can really find out their true nature: today I am in a different way, and tomorrow it is altogether different. Those who are endowed with good intuition, that’s why they have green eyes. The value of these people for society is quite high. Among them may be many predators or extras. They can handle skillfully.

Such eyes are endowed with fine men, which is often used by others. But you do not have to get them up in the head. Because of their pride, they will not stand such an attitude. They are quite loyal.

People with green eyes are very sensitive when it comes to love, so they can search for half their life without finding it. They are tender and good. Green-eyed people are often often compared to cats: inaccessible and independent outside, but until they gain trust in others

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