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    How do our thoughts affect health

    In the East, they say: “The worst enemies of man would not wish him the misfortunes that can bring him their own thoughts.” In one of the Parisian hospitals, the young psychologist Emile Coue, at his own risk, referring to the head physician, charged the patient three times a day out loud or mentally repeating […] More

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    Choose a fountain to throw a coin!

    You have 6 fountains and only 1 coin to throw. The fountain you choose will unveil aspects of your life and your personality that will amaze you! 1. Genuine and attentive You see honesty as one of the most important values that any person should have, and for this reason you always show that you […] More

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    6 ways to instantly calm down

    When stress becomes overwhelming – inside it twists everything in a knot, I can’t squeeze a sound out of myself or, on the contrary, I want to growl with rage, beat my fists against the wall – I leave everything I’m doing at the moment and mentally go to my inner summer cottage. Here I […] More

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    How pain changes people

    There is no love without pain, as there is no pain and life. Pain is how we gain wisdom, strength, how we become thick-skinned. But somewhere between pain and wisdom, we change – because no one comes out of the pain by the same person as he was before. We continue to love. But we […] More

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    7 ways to protect your aura

    It is time to talk about Aura. We will understand how to properly protect against external stimuli and negative energy emanating from other people. Aura is our force field, which is associated with the signals sent by the universe. It can read information about the past, present and future. YOU can easily determine what kind […] More

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    10 things that a mature woman will never do for a man

    This does not mean that we do not need anyone. We have become successful, selfish, self-sufficient singles. Not. We, just like at 20, want love, want warmth, want relationship. We just understand that in a healthy relationship, all this is mutual. A man either wants all the same, or does not linger in our life. […] More

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    Nine things worth doing before 9 am

    This article compiles a list of morning classes that will set a good tone for the whole following day. Marcus Aurelius once said: “When you wake up in the morning, think about the fact that you again received the precious privilege of being alive — breathing, thinking, enjoying and loving.” This article compiles a list […] More

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