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    Nine things worth doing before 9 am

    This article compiles a list of morning classes that will set a good tone for the whole following day. Marcus Aurelius once said: “When you wake up in the morning, think about the fact that you again received the precious privilege of being alive — breathing, thinking, enjoying and loving.” This article compiles a list […] More

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    Fulfillment of desires by the power of thought

    A very specific method for fulfilling your desire with the help of a light trance, but if you master it, you can achieve anything. In general, the method of fulfilling a wish by force of thought is also used here. So, trance is such a state of consciousness, when you seem to look inside yourself […] More

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    New life: where to start, if you decide to start?

    Sometimes it happens that our life does not suit us. This happens for various reasons. At this moment we are faced with a choice, leave everything as it is, or change. Any choice is the best for a person. But if you decide to change and change your life, then seven steps are described below […] More

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    7 rules of psychology that you should know

    1. Mirror rule. The people around me are my mirrors. They reflect the characteristics of my own personality, often unaware of me. For example, if someone is rude to me, then I want it so much, I allow it. If someone deceives me again and again, then I have a tendency to believe anyone. So […] More

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    The man’s best healer is his own body.

    Our body is designed in such a way that it seeks healing and every minute carries out work on self-healing. Even without our intervention. The only thing we still need to do is stop interfering with it. Health is not only a specific blood test result or pressure indicator. All these indicators are created by […] More

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    Do not be lazy – read

    Drink plenty of water. 2. Have a king breakfast, dine like a prince and dine like a beggar. 3. Eat more foods, plant origin and eat less food that is produced in plants. 4. Play more games. 5. Read more books than in 2017. 6. Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes every day. […] More

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