The man’s best healer is his own body.

Our body is designed in such a way that it seeks healing and every minute carries out work on self-healing. Even without our intervention. The only thing we still need to do is stop interfering with it.

Health is not only a specific blood test result or pressure indicator. All these indicators are created by modern medicine (which has made almost no contribution to human health).

Health is not a reduction in the size of a tumor at the time when life leaves the patient. Health is not an increase in the number of CSD-4, while the patient’s real immunity is decreasing and cannot withstand new opportunistic infections. Health is a way of life.

Lifestyle changes are not only “eat less salt,” “give your heart a load of 30 minutes a day,” or “drink 2 liters of water a day.” We need to revise and change our understanding of health.

Health is the quality of life. This is a quality life. This is an opportunity to sleep soundly at night, not feel pain while walking, eat with an appetite, have a good memory and the ability to achieve what is important for you (and only for you).

Health is the time spent with the family, it is a walk in the woods, this is the ability to rejoice, not to be afraid of the future and to resist stress.

Health is a respect for your body and a feeling of happiness from the fact that your body works like a clock. Health is the energy, the key, the inexhaustible optimism and the taste for life.

Modern medicine does not solve any of these issues. Moreover, she does not even set them in front of her. Because modern medicine is not interested in the quality of our lives.

If you suffer from insomnia, you will be assigned a pharmaceutical chemical that will stun the body and cause you to lose consciousness. And this will be considered a normal dream and an acceptable way out. But will you feel fresh, rested and full of energy after such a dream? It already interests nobody.

Today’s society pays dearly for disease and death for the monopoly given to doctors in the past century.

Medical tests can be used to diagnose a disease, but treatments based on the ingestion of chemicals in large doses are unlikely to lead to desired health and happiness.

Try to define for yourself the concept of “health.” What is health for you? What feelings, what feelings, what actions mean health to you? It is for you, because we have long been using not our own, but borrowed concepts.

So, if you have fulfilled my task in good faith, then most likely you will understand that the pharmaceutical industry will not add to your health. This is something that arises when you begin to be friends with your body and listen to its desires.

Now let’s see how we can turn on our healing powers again.

Remember the case from childhood. You rush headlong and suddenly fall … Your knees are torn off, you are crying or trying to hold back tears. You watch with horror the consequences of your high-speed “flight” and it seems to you that your knees will never be the same again …

But, about a miracle, the next day the wound is already tightened. The body has created a protective film through which bacteria do not penetrate and your knee gradually returns to its original appearance.

Skin cells “understand” that there is a need to act and begin to replicate and “mend” the sore spot. A process similar to the creation of neoplasms starts – division and growth, but unlike cancer, this process stops in time.

That is, the body at the cellular level knows what to do and when. DNA in the nucleus of each cell reproduces itself and heals the skin as if using amazing nanotechnology! (Scientists are not even able to repeat this process.) The cells multiply, nutrients are delivered to them through blood, and … healing occurs. And when the wound heals, the regeneration process carefully stops.

The most surprising thing about all this is not even the fact that the body includes the process of regeneration and not that the body is able to grow cells, but the fact that all this happens without our knowledge, that is, completely autonomously.

This means that we do not need to send blood to the wound or consciously start the process of cell replication, coordinate the elimination of toxins and decide when to stop regeneration (of course, we have no idea how to do it consciously).

All this happens without our intervention. These and other processes take place in the body and when we sleep. Consciousness dreams of dreams, and in our body biochemical processes occur and the transformation of energy necessary for treatment, in short, alchemy occurs.

“Asthma,” like “high blood pressure,” is a disease invented by doctors. In other words, they do not exist separately by themselves. These are just symptoms that the body tries to bring its complex system into balance.

To be able to heal again, you need to learn to listen to your body and understand that it wants you to not weaken it with chemicals, disfigure it with surgery or kill it with toxic therapies, such as chemotherapy.

Want to be healthy, stop going to doctors, learn to read the messages of our body and understand the real principles of health.

For example, cancer is a sign that cells do not “communicate” with each other properly. The tumor suggests that the cells are not given a signal to stop their multiplication. (A tumor is a cell that continues to divide uncontrollably).

“Normal communication” between cells can be restored by changing the diet, environment, state of consciousness and getting enough vitamin D through sunlight and food.

In general, keep in mind that your body wants to be healthy and makes a lot of effort. “Symptoms” – this is just a cry for help, it is an urgent request of the body to help in the healing process.

If you are attentive, you will hear that your body is trying to tell you, and if not, you will stop these symptoms with painkillers, surgery, or other destructive therapies.

And keep in mind that most doctors do not understand, have not been trained in how to return the lost balance to your body. All modern medicine is aimed at reducing symptoms. And that’s all.

Our body is an amazing creature of nature. We have built the most advanced nanotechnology – the immune system. Our nervous system surpasses the most sophisticated computers in the world in complexity and coherence. Our reproductive system is a miracle of life reproduction.

Our internal organs store memories and emotions, because those to whom organs have been transplanted, receive from the donor also memories and emotional experience.

In short, we are a wonderful creature of nature. We have such a potential for self-healing that the only thing that can reduce this potential is pharmaceutical products.

Most people do this: stun themselves with analgesics; shut down the immune system with chemotherapy; they shoot vaccines in the leg of their nervous system and so on.

All drugs based on chemistry are unnatural and turn off the body’s self-healing process. It is not surprising that after the toxic cocktail the healing magic disappears.

Try to give up all allopathic (homeopathic remedies here) drugs, products with additives, type E, refined foods (white sugar products, flour and everything that has not been heat treated in your kitchen) for a week, not to use household appliances.

chemistry (much can be replaced with baking soda), cosmetics, perfumery and not eating the meat of animals that were stuffed with hormones and antibiotics (and then brutally killed).

Perhaps then the healing powers of your body will become available to you again.


12 little-known laws of karma that can change your life

What is karma? Translated from Sanskrit, “Karma” means “action.” It is equivalent to Newton’s law: “for every action there is a reaction”.

When we think, speak or act, we activate a force that will in turn respond to us in the same way. This retroactive force can be modified, altered or suspended, but most people cannot completely get rid of its action.

This law of cause and effect is not at all in the role of punishment, it is directed exclusively to education or training.

Ignorance of the law does not exempt from its action, regardless of whether it was created by man or the universe.

A person cannot avoid the consequences of his actions, but he will suffer only if he personally created certain conditions for his sufferings.

In order to stop being afraid and gain some knowledge in the world of karma and reincarnation, you need to know a couple of karmic laws.

1. Great Law

“What goes around comes around”. Also known as the “Law of Cause and Effect”

If we want happiness, peace, love and friendship, then we must be happy, peaceful, and also love and be a faithful friend.

Whatever we send to the Universe will also come back to us with a boomerang.

2. The Law of Creation
Life does not arise just like that. She requires our participation in it.

We are one with the Universe, both inside and outside.

Everything that surrounds us is the key to our inner state.

Be yourself, and surround yourself with all that you would like to have in your life.

3. The Law of Humility

You cannot change anything if you refuse to accept it.

If you see someone as an enemy, or if you find someone with negative character traits, then you yourself are not focused on the highest level of existence.

4. Law of Growth

“Wherever you go, you are there”

For us to grow in the Spirit, it means that we ourselves should change, not people, places or things around us.

The only thing that we have in life is ourselves, and this is the only factor over which we have control.

When we change who we are or what we have in our hearts, our lives will also change.

5. Law of Responsibility
If something is wrong in my life, then something is wrong in me.

We are a mirror of what surrounds us, and vice versa, what surrounds us, reflects us, this is the truth of the Universe.

We must bear responsibility for what happens in our lives.

6. Law of Communication

Even if something we do seems irrelevant to us, in fact the fact that it is done is very important, since everything in the Universe is interconnected.

Each step leads to the next step, and so on and so forth.

Someone has to start work in order for it to be done.

Neither the first nor the last step could be more important, since both of them were necessary for the task.

The past, present and future are all interconnected.

7. Law of Focus

You cannot think about two things at the same time.

Because of this, when our attention is focused on spiritual values, such low feelings as greed or anger become impossible for us.

8. Law of Thanksgiving and Hospitality

If you think something is true, then one day in your life you will be called upon to show that this is true.

9. Law here and now

Looking back to remember what was or looking ahead worrying about the future, we prevent ourselves from feeling completely here and now.

Old thoughts, old patterns of behavior, and old dreams prevent us from acquiring new ones.

10. Law of Changes

History will repeat until we learn a lesson that will change our path.

11. Law of Patience and Remuneration

Any rewards require initial labor.

Awards of eternal value require patience and hard work.

True joy comes when we do what we thought to do, and from what we understand, we will receive a reward in due time.

12. The Law of Meaning and Inspiration

All that you invest in something, you get back.

The true value of anything is a direct result of the energy and desire that was invested.

Every personal contribution is a contribution to one Whole.

Meaningless contributions do not affect the Whole, and cannot reduce it.
Everything that is made with love can breathe life and inspire the Whole.


How to turn off negative thoughts. 5 good habits

Sometimes it is very difficult to get rid of them – but there is a way out.

“Our actions depend on our feelings and thoughts. When we get rid of negative thoughts, drama and pain go away with them, ”- anonymous.

Negative thoughts are completely useless to you. Not an ounce of use. Not a grain of common sense. And you know what else?

Negative thinking has absolutely nothing to do with your personality. Toxic, negative thoughts do not determine your personality and your character, and certainly can not determine your fate …

Unless, of course, we ourselves allow them to do it. We, and only we, empower negative thoughts – and, unfortunately, we do it too often. With this we harm ourselves – and for what?

“Even your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unrestrained thoughts ,” said Buddha once.

Pay attention to the word “unrestrained”. Sometimes negative thoughts seem to hang in the depths of our mind, waiting for the slightest chance to break through to the surface. That is why a conscious change of perspective or mental restructuring is so important for all of us.

Dr. Alice Boise, a former clinical psychologist and author of the book Anxiety Set, describes mental restructuring as “a key element of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy (CPT).” The psychologist considers it “one of the most effective forms of complex psychotherapy.”

But in order to learn mental restructuring, you do not even need to participate in the CPT – after all, we are happy to teach you the basics of this technique.

Of course, these are just the basics, and they will not make you an expert, but after reading the article you will know and be able to do a little more than before.

So, here are five ways to look at negative thoughts in a new way.

1. Watch your thoughts

Take a comfortable position behind your mind and just watch out for negative thoughts. Imagine yourself watching a bird spreading its wings on the roof of a house opposite.

As a rule, negative thoughts are a product of distortion of thinking, or irrational mental patterns. Recently, such an approach to toxic thoughts is gaining an increasingly strong position among psychologists and psychiatrists around the world.

To get rid of negative thoughts, you do not need psychotherapy or medications – just watch them, and soon make sure that they dissipate without a trace.

2. Try not to dwell on the same problem.

Long sucking and chewing in the thoughts of the same problem is a waste of our time and energy, as well as a sure way to fill our minds with unnecessary thoughts that distract from the main thing.

The approach to solving problems according to the principle: “If I think about this problem for a long time, it may disappear,” simply does not work.

If, in parallel with thinking about a problem, you will not strain the frontal lobes of your brain, in other words, to act in an attempt to solve the problem, there will be no point in all this thinking.

But how can you change these thoughts, sending them in a positive direction? We can offer the following approach:

– Draw on a sheet of paper a table of two columns. Sign the first column “Thoughts” and the second “Solutions”.

– When you catch yourself aimlessly fixing on some problem, write down the time when you noticed it, write down your thoughts about the problem, and then try to write something constructive in the “solution” column.

– At the end of the day / week / month, count how many times you have such thoughts, and how many times you managed to create a solution based on them.

Did you manage to create something constructive while thinking about a problem? If not, re-read the first paragraph.

3. Clearly define the facts.

Another way to look at your thoughts from the other side is to take a sober look at the facts on which they are based.

For example, if you constantly find yourself thinking that you always have no money, try to understand whether this is true and find a solution if you need it.

Take another piece of paper and again draw on it a table of two columns. In the first column, describe the facts confirming the existence of the problem.

In this case, the fact that you have “forever no money” – the state of your bank accounts, the facts that you constantly borrow from friends, and so on. In the second column, write down the facts proving the opposite – for example, the fact that you have a house, you do not go to bed hungry …

How can this help you? Take a look at the completed table. Can you say with 100% certainty that you have “forever no money”? And if so, what are you going to do about it? Perhaps we should start by drawing up a family budget and limiting expenses?

4. Come down from the clouds to the earth, live consciously

Well, we talked about money issues – now it’s time to start a conversation about a more “earthly”, realistic approach to life.

Triple Ironman triathlon champion and scientist Christopher Bergland believes that pulling his head out of the clouds and starting to live fully in the present moment is much easier than most people think. Bergland breaks his path to a state of awareness into three steps.

“Stop. Take a breath. Think about your thoughts. This simple technique will allow you to maintain calm, concentration and balance throughout the day, ”advises Bergland.

For those who want to explore this issue more seriously, there are more serious meditations and techniques that help to gain awareness. For example, “Reducing Stress Based on Awareness” (MBSR).

5. Recognize the power of impermanence and neutrality.

We have already mentioned this, but perhaps it is worth repeating: negative thoughts are unsteady and inconstant, and they have no power over you, except the one with which you yourself confer it.

No matter how black the thought came to your mind this time – remember what we told you. You can even create and repeat the mantra: “This is a negative thought. I will watch her, but I will not allow me to subjugate – anyway, she will soon pass. ”

One of the great ways to demonstrate the powerlessness of negative thoughts is to be distracted by something positive. Do something like this that simply will not leave room in your head for negative thoughts.

We wish you happiness, a peaceful sky above your head, and also love and respect for yourself.


If people are destined to be together, they will find their way to each other.

“If a person has settled in your heart, then it is forever. He may come back to you at the most unexpected moment. ”

Difficult to explain your feelings. For a long time I had the feeling that I was deprived of an important part of myself. Suddenly, waking up in the middle of the night, every time I thought about where I had made a mistake.

Your sweatshirt has remained hanging in my wardrobe. I did not dare to throw it away. The book you loved so much is already dusty. And our overall photo, taken in the photo booth, began to fade over the years.

“Our cafe” I already visited with other guys. But I never sat down with them at our table. All the time they reminded me of the dishes we ordered. And there they still poured your favorite beer, and it also constantly reminded you of you.

Nobody spoke your name out loud anymore, and people no longer cared where you went or what you are doing now. But not me.

I wanted to write or call you on each of your birthdays, but I was afraid you didn’t miss me.

We did not advertise our relations in social networks, and I have no evidence that my life was unthinkable without you. But I did not forget anything, I continued to think about you and felt the inner emptiness when the flow of these thoughts became infinite.

When leaving, you just took a piece of my soul with you.

You did not guess that I constantly begged the universe for your return. Once a year I sent you a postcard or a letter in the hope of getting an answer. People were surprised, they asked me why all this, and I just mentally reread the words of Mitch Albom:

“If a person has settled in your heart, then it is forever. He may come back to you at the most unexpected moment. ”

Someone asked how many letters I wrote to you. For five years, there were only five. Yes, five years have passed, and imaginary you are still standing next to my reflection in the mirror.

I saw in him everything that you changed in me with your love, the things you taught me and the one who was so important to me. With you, I gradually became what I could be proud of.

And then one day it happened. Your name again caught fire on the screen of my smartphone. After a short conversation, we agreed to meet. Myriad thoughts flashed through my head, but for some reason I was not interested in the answers. The only important thing was that you came back.

The words of skeptics became for me background noise, to which I stopped paying attention, because their opinion did not interest me anymore.

Only you were important. In a cafe full of singing and rejoicing people, I saw you. And at this very moment, for the first time, I felt my integrity as if my life had finally become full.

Taking your hand, I again let you into my life. This was what I, without ceasing, dreamed for five years. You were not just a man I once loved.

You showed me that love has no statute of limitations and that neither time, nor circumstances, nor a broken heart have power over it.

You gave me a blind hope, the existence of which I had not believed before. Doubts and questions did not let me give up. Although many did not understand me, and sometimes there were moments when I also ceased to understand myself, but continued to believe that we would be together.


Do not be lazy – read

Drink plenty of water.

2. Have a king breakfast, dine like a prince and dine like a beggar.

3. Eat more foods, plant origin and eat
less food that is produced in plants.

4. Play more games.

5. Read more books than in 2017.

6. Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes every day.

7. Sleep – 7 hours.

8. 10-30 minutes walk per day. While walking, smile.

About the person:

1. Do not compare your life with the lives of others. You have no idea what they have experienced and do not know their whole way.

2. Do not hold negative thoughts or things that you cannot
control. Instead, put your energy into the positive of the

3. Do no more than just do it. Know your limits.

4. Do not judge yourself too harshly.

5. Do not waste your precious energy gossip.

6. Dream more while awake.

7. Envy is a waste of time. You already have everything you need.

8. Forget the problems of the past. Do not remind your loved one of
his / her past mistakes. It will ruin your true happiness.

9. Life is too short to waste time hating. Do not hate others.

10. No one is responsible for your happiness, except you.

11. Understand that life is a school, and you are here to know it.

Problems are simply part of the curriculum that appear and disappear, like the
algebra of a class, but the lessons that you learn will be remembered for a

12. More smiles and laughter.

13. You do not have to win every argument.

With people:

1. Call your relatives often.

2. Do something good for others every day.

3. Sorry for everything, everyone.

4. Spend more time with people over 70 and under 6.

5. Try to smile at least three people a day.

6. What other people think of you is none of your business.

7. Your work will not take care of you when you are sick. Your friends – yes. Stay connected.

A life:

1. Get rid of everything that is not useful for you, beautiful and joyful.

2. Good or bad situation, it will change.

3. No matter how you feel, get up, get dressed and go.

4. The best is yet to come.

5. Somewhere inside you are always happy. So be happy!


As the cat indicates the presence of negative in the house

The cat is one of the most mysterious creatures on our planet. The ancients honored cats.

Is it because we treat the cat race that way, that there is enough magic in one such fur ball for a crowd of wizards and sorcerers?

Everyone knows the sacred cats of Egypt and the cats of Thailand who guarded the temples from being plundered worse than a guard dog. It is rumored that if a person entered the church with unclean thoughts, the monks did not always succeed in saving the wicked from the enraged mustache avengers.

It is no secret that the cat tribe protects the human from otherworldly forces and astral bodies, in exchange for shelter and food, of course.

A cat rarely does anything for nothing, it is worth watching a pet’s favorite and it will become clear that whatever place she chooses, whatever she does, she does it with a definite, sometimes only known purpose.

What are the signs that the cat has detected the presence or penetration of evil spirits?

Having caught the presence of evil forces, the cat stares for a long time, determines its essence and the presence of a threat.

She may intend to bypass a certain place in the house or, on the contrary, pay excessive attention to it.

A cat may suddenly hiss and bristle at the beloved owner if he himself brought negative energy to his house. Be sure to take a shower and wash your clothes, and also check whether you have brought with you a borrowed thing or an unpleasant gift from a person who may wish evil.

If the cat has abandoned the usual food or games, it is worth considering whether there is a guest in the house who is not satisfied with it or new items that hit the house from people with an evil eye.

Sometimes a cat just leaves the house. In some cases, it thus takes the negative energy from itself, in others it simply does not cope with the fact that it has settled in the house. If it so happens that the cat itself left the home, it is worth conducting a thorough energy cleaning of the house.

Actually, the cat chooses a new house on the basis of the principle known to it alone. It is worth paying attention to when and how the cat got into the family. Perhaps someone from the household was in danger or the house needed a change. It so happens that the house is closed from the outside world.

Its inhabitants communicate with people, but do not open their hearts and souls to meet others, then a good-natured sociable cat appears in the house, who constantly demands attention, welcomes guests and prefers noisy games.

Very often, women who have experienced difficult partings prefer to have a cat or a cat. This is due to the fact that cats exactly feel the feminine energy, they give to the needy their caress, but they can bite for no reason at all if the hostess has thought about the painful past. It may seem that the cat wanted attention and she was naughty,

Needless to say, paying attention to the strange and unusual behavior of your feline friend, you can save yourself from a lot of trouble, it’s not a secret for a long time, it was not for nothing that the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians of these mysterious creatures striving to meet their master’s feet appreciated so much or, moreover, on the master pillow.

Is it possible to sleep with a cat?

Scientists have shown that sleeping with someone is good for health, so why not sleep with a cat?

Often, pets are not forbidden to sleep in the master’s bed. And some of them fundamentally ignore the acquired cat bogus beds. Some claim that a cat in bed can cause a variety of problems and illnesses.

In addition, the cats are allegedly attracted by the so-called geopathic pressure zones, that is, the natural radiation of the earth at fault sites. Such radiation is dangerous for the human body and can adversely affect brain activity, can cause sleep disorders and, as a result, the psyche.

Another opinion says that sleeping with a cat will certainly be bad, and in the morning we will feel tired and apathetic, because overnight the cat will stretch vitality and energy.

Fortunately, there are many opponents of such theories. The avid cat-lovers of the whole world say in one voice that, until the cat appeared in their lives, they had never slept so well as with a purring friend.

A cat, as is well known, is able to lull the owner, especially if it lies on it or presses against it in a dream. A cat strangely contributes to relaxation and immersion in a deep even sleep.

It is proved that the sound waves, which are issued by representatives of the feline tribe, have a beneficial effect on the emotional and psychological state of a person. Purring soothes and pacifies, and also effectively fights insomnia of its owners.

Psychologists recommend to communicate with cats to those who suffer from neurosis and depressive states. Taking care of a cat, playing and sleeping with them improves mood, normalizes blood pressure and activates the brain.

In any case, each determines for himself how to relate to four-legged friends. Although sometimes the decision to start a cat or not, to sleep with it or not is not taken by a person, but just by its purring companion.


When a homeless man was admitted to a hospital, his 4 stray dog friends patiently waited for him at the door

On Sunday, Cris Mamprim was working the night shift at Hospital Regional Alto Vale in Rio do Sul, Brazil, when a homeless man named César came in seeking treatment.

While César was getting treated for a preexisting condition, Mamprim noticed that a group of dogs had congregated outside the door, waiting for their friend to get released.

And, as Mamprim noted on The Dodo, these dogs looked much better fed than your average stray animals.

Read more: An IKEA store in Italy is letting stray dogs inside to warm up during the winter, and the pictures will warm your heart

César said he sometimes doesn’t eat and instead gives his food to his furry friends, Mamprim shared on Facebook. “A simple person, without luxury, who depends on help to overcome the hunger, the cold, the pain, the evils of the world, has by his side the best companions, and the exchange is reciprocal,” Mamprim wrote.

She added, “Seeing them like this, waiting at the door, just shows how well they are cared for and loved.”

These good dogs refused to leave until César was ready to join them — and before they did, the hospital staff allowed them inside for a meal with César.

Read the full post below, and maybe have the tissues ready.

Com tanta gente mal por aí, hoje me deparei com essa cena. No hospital em que trabalho, as 3h da madrugada, enquanto…

Publicată de Cris Mamprim pe Sâmbătă, 8 Decembrie 2018


In 1997, she gave birth to seven children – and her husband left them. Here’s what they look like today. The magnificent seven!

In 1997, the world learned that the American family McCogue had seven children. Immediately! And they all survived, writes Enterate De Algo. It was a real medical miracle.

How did it happen? The McCauga family already had a daughter. After her birth, Kenny and Bobby McCaughie could not get pregnant for a long time, so they used the services of IVF.

How surprised they were when they found out that all embryos had taken root!

After birth, each of the babies weighed no more than 1.5 kg, which is very small for newborns. Two of seven children, unfortunately, were born with cerebral palsy. In the future, the children were operated on, and they were able to start walking.

Still, all the children survived, grew up and even graduated from school. This was the first time that all 7 children could be born and survive.

People were delighted. Unfortunately, the father of the children did not share the common joy. It seemed to him that he was not ready to become the head of such a huge family. A few years later he left his wife and children.

After the betrayal of Bobby, the mother of the children was in a desperate situation. She had to take care of seven babies at once.

Fortunately, she received material support from the then US President Bill Clinton, private companies, various charitable foundations, and also not indifferent people.

The family was given a large seven-bedroom house, provided them with free meals. Several universities almost immediately offered to accept children for free tuition as soon as they finished school.

21 years have passed. This is how the Sevens look like today. Let’s list them.

1) Natalie immediately after birth (left) and at graduation (right), wants to become a teacher of elementary grades.

When she graduated from school, she got into 15% of the best students in graduation.

2) Brandon, wants to serve in the army.

3) Kelsey, born with a weight of only 907 grams, performed as part of a school choir.

In the future, she dreams of connecting her life with music and making a singer career.

4) Kenny, a student at the De Moine Community College School of Civil Engineering.

Kenneth still in school chose a career builder.

5) Alexis, born with cerebral palsy, wants to become a teacher.

She has to use a special device for walking, but she still became the second captain of the cheerleader team in high school.

6) Nathan, also born with cerebral palsy, plans to devote himself to science.

Now Nathan is studying at the University of Hannibal-Lagrange at the Faculty of Computer Science.

7) Joel, born the last one, plans to study computer science in college.

All children graduated from school and are ready to leave the family nest. The mother is a little sad about this – she is used to the noise and turmoil in the house.

On the other hand, she is happy and proud that her children will devote their lives to school, music, architecture, etc.

This family is an example of perseverance, perseverance and unity. We hope all children will succeed and will soon delight their mother with their grandchildren.

Do you know how many children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are the largest family in the world? You can find out about it here.

What impression did this story make on you? Could you raise seven children yourself?


Choose Santa Claus – and find out what awaits you in the New Year

Many people love psychological tests. Some pass them to test or understand something, while others just love to have fun and use the result for their inspiration.

Seasonal test!

This New Year’s test from Mesaje Inspirationale will appeal to both!

Choose from the picture of your favorite Santa Claus – and find out what the 2019 year prepares for you!

Santa Claus number 1.

Most likely, you are one of those people who always say that the glass is half full. For you, life is a great adventure, full of surprises.

In 2019, pleasant and significant events await you, because you are open to new impressions and are ready for changes.

You do not have to feel constrained or limited in something. You are full of passion for new achievements, and each of them will bring you pleasant surprises.

Santa Claus number 2.

Perhaps independence is what defines you. There are no restrictions on your way.

Your artistic abilities will most likely lead to an increase in your income in the new year.

You do not need to try hard for success at work: all you have to do is be faithful to your principles. And you get what you wanted for so long.

Santa Claus number 3.

You are probably a sensitive person. You spend a lot more time thinking about yourself and the world around you than other people.

In 2019 in your life will be the person with whom you build a harmonious romantic relationship. Even if you are a self-sufficient person and you are rarely bored, your life will become even brighter and richer.

Santa Claus number 4.

You are a very practical and balanced person. Being close to you is always comfortable, because you are reliable.

Despite the fact that you are a person with a strong character, you do not like it when people notice sensitive notes in you. That is why you may have problems with the opposite sex. However, in 2019 you will meet a person who can appreciate your kindness and not use it.

Santa Claus number 5.

You are almost always self-confident. Everything in your life is under control: you never rely on luck, relying solely on your own strength.

You never put off anything for later and feel satisfied only after you finish something. People around you feel your power, and they like you. Thanks to your perseverance and responsibility in 2019 you will move forward, which will be the logical result of all your efforts.

PS Happy New Year!